Investor Grievances/Complaint

Complaints may arise from customers for both reasons, inability of stock brokerage house employees to meet his expectations, or on either side due to customers failure to understand or interpret existing procedures or rules. In either case complaints from customers are to be readily handled and so that immediate remedial action that is considered appropriate in the situation is taken.

If a complaint is made to an employee he is required to immediately convey it to this senior officer, to be settled immediately, who if it is far serious should intimate it to the directors.

All serious complaints are to be redressed within 30 days.
Record is to be maintained of all customer’s grievances received redressal steps and the redressal adopted.

All employees senior officers and directors know that a quarterly report is required to be submitted to the securities exchange of number and status of complaints settled or unresolved beyond three months.

Complaint Box Drop In:

Wooden Complaint Box fitted at entrance of Brokerage House

Pending Investor Complaints against Luxor Securities (SMC–Pvt) Limited

Contact Persons for handling Investor Complaints

1) Nasir H. Schön  

2) Shakeel A. Sheikh

Room No.3, 5th Floor
Schön Centre I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi 
Tel: 021–32274795
Fax: 021–32636325

SECP Online Complaint  Lodge Link: http//www.secp.gov.pk

PSX Online Complaint Lodge Link: http/www.csivpsx.com.pk